Promethus Whisky 27 year old

A legendary Speyside with the Titanic strength of barley malted by burning peat. A whisky of sublime sophistication and balance.

Nose: Rich, round and soft with the spicy aroma of winter fruits and mulled wine. A complex synthesis of Madagascan vanilla pods, liquorice and preserved Maraschino cherries against a backdrop of lightly charred oak and just a whiff of oily peat.

Palate: Silky smooth up front. Powerful, rich, and even more savoury than the nose suggested with the excitement of zesty orange peel adding to the spice. A splash of water brings out more earthy characteristics: Grassy, Flinty, Slatey flavours add to the complexity.

Finish: Exceptionally long and rich. Spicy Orange with a hint of sherry in charred oak.



Promethus Whisky 28 year old

A Speyside Legend

Prometheus, Titan of ancient Greek mythology, is remembered today for his greatest deed. When an angered Zeus took fire from man, Prometheus rebelled against the Father of Gods. He captured a flame from the hearth of Mount Olympus and carried it back to man.

Shortly, we will be releasing our 28-Year-old expression of Prometheus. An extremely limited-edition run of only 888 bottles, bottled at cask strength to reflect the true power within.

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